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Like…I don’t advocate punching children

But when the Heaven is for Real trailer comes on and the kid goes “it’s boooootiful” I 

I don’t know like that video was hilarious because of the editing and blah blah but like it was also genuinely hilarious to me because my childhood best friend actually DID that shit to me. Like she lived next door right, and she would want to go on a walk or something. I remember one specific time…we were maybe 10ish? I don’t know. My mom would never allow me. My mom is the mom who engrained in us that suspicious vans are so evil that one time my sister actually cried once when she saw one…but anyway I digress. So I told her no I’m not allowed, and the bitch goes off with her sister and whoever else I forgot, walking down the street yelling “you can’t go because you’re a baby hahaha” or something really dumb like that. Like dumb shit kids say. I knew right then and there that she was Satan. 

If I were a celebrity I would totally do promotional commercials for Nauzene that product saved my life.

❝ The thing all writers do best is find ways to avoid writing. ❞

— Alan Dean Foster (via maxkirin)

schmidt’s anti anxiety medicine

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He’s my favorite part x10000000000000

forget nick and jess all i care about is winston’s happiness

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a gif of the door opening on a white suit clad winston please

a 30 Rock promo just came on during the commercial for New Girl and I was all OMG IT’S BACK FROM HIATUS IT’S BACK for a total of .1 seconds.